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Volunteer Coordinator

Position Description, Duties & Responsibilities

Job Title: Volunteer Coordinator
Purpose of Position: To professionally coordinate the Volunteer Program at LoveWay, making sure to prioritize all goals and objectives as specified in LoveWay’s 2016 Strategic Plan. To market LoveWay’s mission and impact to the community, primarily as means of recruiting volunteers.
Requirements: Excellent interpersonal skills. Strong written and verbal communication abilities. Vision casting and innovative thinking capabilities. Position requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Individuals applying should have previous experience in marketing, community networking, human resources, organizational development, database management, nonprofit administration and/or youth development programming. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office.
Position Summary: Responsible for the recruitment and retention of all LoveWay Volunteers. Candidate is responsible for coordinating the recruitment, selection, placement and training of all volunteers. Candidate is also responsible for the retention and appreciation of 350+ volunteers. Special focus given to recruiting dedicated Lead and Side Walker Volunteers who work directly with special needs clients. Volunteer Coordinator Candidate should be very knowledgeable about Elkhart County, have a diverse background in volunteerism, and be passionate about LoveWay’s mission.
Position Accountabilities: Large scale volunteer recruitment, training, retention, supervision, recognition/appreciation, and evaluation. LoveWay needs 170 dedicated Volunteers to run a semester of TR programs. Incumbent will be responsible for meeting this number in 2018 & 2019 and even greater numbers into 2020-2021.
Volunteer Director Duties:
1. Interact in a positive, grateful manner as often as possible with LoveWay Volunteers and as a constant ambassador for the LoveWay mission.
2. Works directly with the Executive Director to achieve preset recruitment and retention goals as established in the 2016 Strategic Plan.
4. Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of volunteer records and file systems.
5. Recruits potential applicants, screens then accepts or rejects volunteers.
6. In partnership with Program Staff, oversees the training of new volunteers. Works with instructors to provide ongoing training
as needs are identified throughout the semester.
7. Develops and implements volunteer training and program manuals and relevant supporting materials, including advertisements.
8. Oversees scheduling volunteers for classes and assure adequate volunteer levels. Takes lead in calling substitutes when necessary.
9. Oversees monthly Volunteer Committee meetings and contributes accordingly.
10. Available to assist in classes as needed to assure adequate staffing levels.
11. Responsible for ongoing volunteer appreciation through bi-annual banquets, awards and any other methods deemed suitable.
Marketing Responsibilities:
Proactively represents the LoveWay Volunteer Program to the public via speaking engagements, media appearances, social media outlets, and marketing publications.
Works as dedicated team member with other staff to assist in maintaining social media, i.e. Facebook, Website, Newsletter, etc.
Other Responsibilities:
1. Work with various groups, such as churches, civic groups, etc. who are interested in bringing work groups to LoveWay. Work with colleagues to identify ongoing work projects as needed to sustain nonprofit mission.
2. Assist with fundraising events as requested.
3. Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings.
5. As requested, assist colleagues in other ways to ensure a professional image for LoveWay.
Reporting Requirement: This position reports to the Executive Director.
This position is full time 40-45 hours per week with bi-monthly salaried payments.

Administrative Assistant

Purpose of Position:  To assist in the day-to-day office and facility management functions efficiently, effectively and respectfully in support of LoveWay’s overall mission.

Requirements: Strong inter-office communications skills, including technology and extensive Social Media knowledge and usage. Strong interpersonal and customer service skills. Proven ability to multi-task, prioritize, and organize. Experience in similar supporting nonprofit role a plus. Professional computer skills, especially MS Office. College Degree preferred.

 LoveWay’s Core Values: Transformation, compassion, inclusion, and commitment

Key Responsibility: LoveWay campus receptionist


  1.  Provides primary receptionist support for the organization. This includes welcoming every individual at LoveWay with compassion and commitment, initiating and responding to phone calls, email correspondence, and postal mailings.
  2. Oversees the internal custodial management of LoveWay making sure that the facility is always clean and welcoming. Establishes best practices and policies to make sure facility is well kept. This includes the posting, maintenance and decoration of walls in the common area.
  3. Collects and sorts mail ensuring mail gets posted with all due haste.
  4. Act as primary point of contact for phone system issues. Ensures all phones are labeled with current info, voice mail is set up for each new person as they arrive, and instructions on how to operate phone system are posted next to each phone.
  5. Maintain yearly operations calendar. Responsible for the timely posting of events as needed.
  6.  Procure office supplies, cleaning agents, LoveWay apparel, and other non-equine supplies           according to yearly budgeting guidelines. Establish and maintain standing orders for consumables, i.e.     toilet paper. Maintains First Aid kit(s).
  7. Troubleshoots issues accordingly using available resources and personnel.
  8. Coordinates birthday, sympathy and thank you cards for staff, volunteers and other LoveWay constituents.
  9. Assist with fundraising events as requested.
  10. Responsible for creation, implementation and management of social media- Instagram, Facebook.
  11. Responsible for entry of donations and generation of “Thank You” letters though Donor
  12. Assists colleagues as availability dictates.
  13. Supports Executive Director as needed.
  14. Other organizational needs as assigned.
  15. Manages, Updates all aspects of Donor Perfect Software

 Personal and Professional Attributes

  • Respectful communication to staff, volunteers and clients.
  • Proven ability to multi-task, prioritize, and organize.
  • Communicate all problems and concerns through chain of command.
  • Abide by Client Confidentiality Agreements.
  • Represent LoveWay in a positive and professional manner.

 Reporting Requirement: This position reports to the Executive Director on a weekly basis or as needed. This is a 40 hour week hourly position that requires mainly business hours, 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday – Friday with occasional Saturdays. Position is nonexempt and subject to overtime pay.


Part-time Stable Assistant/Feeder

Stable Assistants work closely with the Barn Coordinator to maintain our horse lots and barn, as well as feeding our herd and monitoring their general health and soundness. Stable Assistants MUST be physically fit and able and must be available on weekends. Stable Assistants are critical to our team by helping ensure that we provide the best experience for our riders, families, schools and, of course, our horses. For more information please contact: LoveWay Inc. 54151 CR 33, Middlebury, IN 46540

5-8 hrs/wk – Weekends Required