LoveWay's Therapy Horses

Meet our exceptional herd!


LoveWay’s Horses

LoveWay Therapeutic Equestrian Services is home to a herd of horses who are specially trained and uniquely suited to help us provide a variety of activities and therapies to LoveWay’s clients. Our equine staff is integral to our programs and works very hard. Their well-being is our top priority. Learn more about our very special horses below!


1998 Quarter Horse Gelding
Joined LoveWay:
June 2015
Color: Chestnut
Donated by: Alice Rea


2005 Haflinger Mare
Joined LoveWay:
November 2015
Color: Flaxen Chestnut


2003 Breeding Stock Paint Mare
Joined LoveWay: December 2016
Color: Bay
Donated by: Terri Rassi & Lauren Carpenter


1995 Quarter Horse Gelding
Joined LoveWay: December 2016
Color: Bay
Donated by: Shaun Eckert


1996 Haflinger Mare
Joined LoveWay:
April 2011
Color: Flaxen Chestnut
Donated by: Gil Geshiedle


2002 Quarter Horse Gelding
Joined LoveWay:
November 2012
Color: Bay


2003 Appendix Quarter Horse Gelding
Joined LoveWay:

March 2014
Color: Seal Brown
Donated by: Jeff Timm


2012 Gypsy Vanner Gelding
Joined LoveWay:
July 2014
Color: Piebald
Donated by: A Gypsy Gift from LexLin Gypsy Ranch


2007 Miniature Jerusalem Donkey Jenny
Joined LoveWay:
May 2015
Color: Gray-Dun
Donated by: Virginia Pendleton


2006 Norwegian Fjord Mare
Joined LoveWay:
January 2016
Color: Brown Dun


2000 Rocky Mountain Horse Mare
Joined LoveWay:
February 2012
Color: Chestnut
Donated by:
Steve Herbster



1995 Quarter Horse Gelding
Joined LoveWay:
September 2016
Color: Chestnut
Donated by: Jessica Miller


1999 Quarter Horse Gelding
Joined LoveWay:
 August 2017
Color: Black
Leased to LoveWay by: Travis & Karlene Gillen


1994 Morgan/Quarter Horse Cross Mare
Joined LoveWay:
June 2008
Color: Liver Chestnut
Donated by: Emie & Ellen Lehman


1997 Hackney Pony Cross Gelding
Joined LoveWay:
September 2014
Color: Bay


2003 American Paint Horse Gelding
Joined LoveWay:
July 2016
Color: Bay “Medicine Hat” Paint
Leased from: John O’Brien


Do you know LoveWay’s next therapy horse?

It would be impossible for LoveWay to live out our mission – transforming the lives of individuals with special needs through compassionate therapeutic equestrian experiences – without the generosity of the many people who have shared their horses.

In order to successfully keep our herd happy and healthy for as long as possible, LoveWay developed guidelines to evaluate prospective horses for our therapeutic riding programs. These guidelines enable us to select horses that are ideally suited for their job at LoveWay.

If you would like to learn more about the possibility of donating, leasing, or otherwise gifting a horse to LoveWay, please take a look at our therapy horse information page – click here!




In Memory

LoveWay’s community recently lost Sam, a beloved member of our therapy horse herd. Sam passed away at age 20 in the late hours of Monday, March 20, 2017. This Haflinger gelding was a cherished and charismatic member of our team. He touched countless lives over the 12 years that he served LoveWay’s community – an extraordinary length of service for a therapy horse. He was truly exceptional. We know that everyone who has loved him will miss him dearly.