Advanced Horsemanship

Advanced Horsemanship is an unmounted program for those students who are ready to take the next step in developing their horsemanship skills!

Why Advanced Horsemanship?

Advanced Horsemanship uses experiences with their horses to empower our middle school and high school-age participants for the future! The program provides essential building blocks needed for future employment and independent living, an important part of community inclusion. The life, social, and employment skills developed during Advanced Horsemanship are all essential to the empowerment of individuals with disabilities.

Session Topics

Session topics may include:

Active listening

Attention to detail

Clear communication

Dress code

Setting goals

Getting to know co-workers (appropriate vs. inappropriate topics)

Hard skills vs. soft skills

Integrity and honesty

My rights as an employee

Problem-solving skills

And more!

How To Apply!


We partner with over 16 different classrooms (elementary, middle, and high schools) to bring their life skills, mixed ability, or intensive intervention classes to LoveWay during the day to experience the benefits of our Advanced Horsemanship program. To inquire about availability for your classroom, please follow the steps below. 

1. Complete the online interest form and our Program Coordinator will be in touch with you!


In an effort to serve students regardless of where they live or what school they attend, LoveWay also offers a home-based program for families outside of the school. There is often a waitlist for LoveWay services, and admittance isn’t necessarily on a first-come, first-serve basis. We intentionally place students to maximize the benefits received from our classes. Start the enrollment process below!

1. Complete the online application.

2. Ask your doctor to complete our physician form and submit it to LoveWay.

3. Once all forms are received, LoveWay’s Program Coordinator will contact you.