Education Service Hours

Are you looking for an opportunity to complete required education service hours for a temporary period of time? 

Depending on your needs (the hours in which you are required to complete) and your time frame we may have a spot for you. This may include assistance with office work, barn chores, classes or general facility clean up. As a rule, LoveWay will not “create” volunteer time for education service hour volunteers. (example: if we are on break or do not have staff on hand during the times you need, we will not ask our staff to come in and work additional hours to met your request). 

Education Service hours do not go through our traditional volunteer orientations. Therefore, we ask you to contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information at 574.825.5666 or through email at [email protected]. If sending an email, please be sure to include the school you need the hours for, how many hours you need, what your availability is and what your deadline is to complete those hours.  

Single Day Education Service Volunteers should complete the Guest Waiver below (for Multiple Day Education Service Volunteers, please complete the Volunteer Application):