LoveWay's heart is our horses.

It takes a very special horse to become a therapy horse and transform a rider’s life.

LoveWay is in need of more exceptional horses!

Read below to find out what qualities makes an exceptional partner for LoveWay:

Age & Conformation

Age: 7+ years old

Gender: Geldings & mares accepted

Soundness & Conformation: Therapy horses work hard! They need to be reliably sound with no history of chronic illness or injury. They need a free-moving, rhythmic stride at the walk, trot, and canter. Movement is so important to our riders.

Personality & Temperament

Our ideal horses have a “take it all in stride” attitude.

They should be calm and quiet for grooming in cross-ties, tacking, mounting, and should be patient while they are working. We stop and stand frequently during class while riders complete activities or games. We also frequently conduct our lead-line classes with side-walkers on both sides of the horse to support the rider.

LoveWay’s ideal therapy horses should react positively to children and adults, women and men.

Therapy horses should be comfortable in a busy environment where they will interact with many people of all abilities, levels of horse experience, and levels of energy.

Training & Background

Successful LoveWay therapy horses come from all backgrounds!

Horses who have excelled in our programs have been 4-H mounts, lesson ponies, show horses, and more!

We have found that horses who have had a variety of experiences tend to be most comfortable in our busy barn.

Do you know LoveWay's next therapy horse?