Work Groups

LoveWay is proud to offer several opportunities throughout the year for work groups. Groups may include corporate/employee, faith, youth, adult, school, clubs and sports groups. Group sizes can be unlimited in quantity. Work group volunteers must be at least 12 years of age. Anyone 15 years old or younger must have parental or guardian supervision at all times. Opportunities vary and depend on group size, qualifications, and what season we are in. LoveWay has the capacity to handle up to 2-3 work groups in a given month. Typically, in the months of December and January, our work group options are limited due to in-door needs but can be accommodated. Groups looking to volunteer MUST have each individual complete a Guest Waiver. Individuals ages 12-17, MUST have a parent signature (hard copy only, electronic signatures not accepted if under 18). 

If your work group is interested in volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 574-825-5666 or by email at [email protected] 

Are you and your team scheduled for a work group? If so, each member of your group should complete the online form below, prior to your visit. 

Recent Work Groups

Sugar Grove Church – Over 40 volunteers of all ages gave their time to clean stalls, paddocks, disinfect buckets and feeders, sweep out the barn, among many other things! We thank them for their dedication and service to LoveWay!

First Baptist Church – Over 40 youth volunteers generously gave their time to clean paddocks, sweep the hayloft, clean the arena, and so much more! We thank them for their hard work and generosity!

Welch Packaging – 10 volunteers graciously gave time on their Saturday to visit LoveWay and clean paddocks. We thank you for your commitment!