Barn Assistant 

LoveWay is looking for our next Barn Assistant extraordinaire. If you are looking for a position that is both fun and rewarding, look no further! Primary duties include assisting the Director of Equine Development in daily/weekly feeding chores. As team member, you will provide quality care for LoveWay horses and the stable area.  Working knowledge of and experience with horses is a must. Reliability, punctuality and dependability with a hard work ethic are also a must. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email the Director of Equine Development at [email protected]

Hours for this position:

Monday – Friday 6:30am-9:00am

Wednesday & Friday 3:00pm-5:30pm


Internship Opportunities

LoveWay is proud to offer internship opportunities for high school and college students. Internship opportunities are limited however to 1-2 students per year or per semester as staff is available to supervise. Interns must be at least 16 years of age. These opportunities range greatly in nature and time frame and depend largely on staff time and area of internship. Accepted interns will be required to register as a volunteer. Individuals ages 16 and 17, MUST have a parent signature.
If you are interested in an internship opportunity please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 574.825.5666 or by email at [email protected]