Volunteer with LoveWay

Make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities

A rewarding experience that inspires growth.

Our participants with disabilities often require physical, emotional, mental and/or cognitive support to get the most out of their experience. Class volunteers assist our instructors with the participants before, during, and after class with typical activities and tasks.

Most class volunteers help participants prep their horses for class, walk (and sometimes jog) alongside them during the lesson and assist with post-class responsibilities as well.

When you compare the large number of participants served at LoveWay each year and the small size of LoveWay’s core staff, you see that it is truly the volunteers that make our work possible.

Who can volunteer?

Volunteers must meet certain safety requirements in order to assist in classes or with our horses. Additional requirements may apply, but at a minimum volunteers must: 

Be at least 16 years of age


Be able to lift a variable amount of weight


Be able to see and hear clearly


Be able to follow directions and stay on task


Be able to walk or jog on uneven ground


Must pass a background check


Students come to LoveWay to bond with horses and learn horsemanship and/or riding skills but they also form relationships with the volunteers who bless them with their time and support.


LoveWay truly enjoys and values having members of the community volunteer in whatever ways are needed. Below are common areas that volunteers bless us by dedicating their time, resources and/or expertise. If you do not find something on this list of which you believe might be a volunteer benefit to our organization, or if you’re interested in volunteering in one of the areas below, please fill out the application below and the LoveWay Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.

Equine Assisted Services

Grounds & Maintenance
Work Groups


Note: We are currently unable to support Court Ordered Community Service due to time constraints and the high level of attention that our riders and horses require.

How to volunteer in classes at LoveWay

1. Fill out application

To get started, complete an online application so we can learn more about you and your skills and interests. You will also need to provide information for a background check, which is mandatory for all volunteers working directly with students.

2. Complete training

Don’t have experience working with horses or individuals with special needs? That’s OK! The LoveWay staff provide training during certain times of the year to help individuals decide if volunteering in classes would be an appropriate fit and if not, what other opportunity would!

3. Make a difference

The relationships you form at LoveWay will help inspire growth within our students. Thank you for blessing us with your time!

LoveWay Class Calendar

Equine Assisted Services

As a volunteer in these classes, you would be helping our instructors as we partner with our horses to provide participants an educational and beneficial experience; learning about horsemanship and relatable responsibilities along with riding skills.

Class volunteers are usually paired with the same participant and horse throughout the session to offer the chance to form bonds amongst one another, including the horse, which has proven to be beneficial for all!

What is the time commitment required?

If helping in classes, we ask our class volunteers to help in the class(es) they sign up for every week for the entire session, which runs for eight weeks. We have daytime, evening and Saturday classes during each session so volunteers can choose the available class(es) that would work best with their schedule.

What if I can’t commit to volunteering every week or my schedule is inconsistent?

If you only plan on missing a week or two during the session, we encourage you to continue to apply as an Equine Assisted Services volunteer. We’ll mark your absence on our calendar and make other arrangements for that week.

If you still aren’t sure if you can commit to a full session, we still have a place for you at LoveWay! We are always looking for substitute volunteers to fill in when needed during classes – which happens often. You can also check out the other volunteer opportunities, like grounds and maintenance or special events, for other ways to help. 

What if an emergency comes up?

We understand this happens! In that case, we ask that you call our Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible so that we can try to find a substitute for you.


Grounds & Maintenance

LoveWay does offer the opportunity to help with upkeep of the property, barns and pastures on an as-needed basis and according to staff availability for supervision purposes. This opportunity is also often seasonal. Minimum age requirement is 12 and anyone 15 or younger must have parental/guardian supervision at all times. Volunteers must also meet safety requirements which can be discussed with the Volunteer Coordinator. 

Special Events

Help prepare for or assist either leading up to or on the day of a LoveWay fundraising event such as Derby Day or Ride-A-Thon! This opportunity is offered to volunteers on an as-needed basis. 

To learn about upcoming opportunities, complete LoveWay’s online volunteer application and indicate that you are interested in helping at special events! 


School/Work Groups


We enjoy having students from surrounding schools within our community pay us a visit to help with various needs. Minimum age requirement is 14. This opportunity is offered as-needed and according to staff availability for supervision purposes.


LoveWay comes to need the help of a larger group at times, usually during the summer season, for various outside-focused tasks. Work group sizes vary depending upon LoveWay’s need(s) and staff availability. Minimum age requirement is 12 years old and anyone 15 or younger must have parental/guardian supervision at all times.


To learn more about volunteering at LoveWay as a group, reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@lovewayinc.org or by completing the form below so we can learn more about your group and your interests.


Interns will gain experience working with children with disabilities; acquire experience working in a non-profit organization; learn about the field of Equine Assisted Services; and increase their transferable soft skills that employers desire.

Responsibilities include supporting different department within LoveWay; preparing the barn, arena, and/or horses as needed for class; assisting with equine assisted classes both in the arena and the classroom; and daily cleaning and maintenance of facility.

Internships at LoveWay are unpaid. We are glad to work with the intern and her/his school to receive credit.