Equine Partners

LoveWay is home to a herd of exceptional horses who are specially trained to make compassionate connections with our riders. 

Meet the LoveWay herd

Therapy horses are incredible. They are patient, tolerant, good humored, well trained, and sound both mentally and physically. As you can imagine, these animals are very hard to come by, so once we get them on our team, we try our hardest to keep them happy, healthy, and here! Their well-being is our top priority. Learn more about our very special horses below!


1994 Morgan/Quarter Horse
Cross Mare

Joined LoveWay: June 2008

Color: Liver Chestnut

Donated by: Emie & Ellen Lehman

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
Adam & Katherine Christoffersen


2003 Appendix Quarter Horse Gelding

Joined LoveWay: March 2014

Color: Seal Brown

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
Alpha Systems, LLC
Steve & Teresa Jenkins
Welch Packaging


2005 Haflinger Mare

Joined LoveWay: November 2015

Color: Flaxen Chestnut

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
Andy & Megan Pocock
Lori Nisley

Welter Foundation


2003 Paint Mare

Joined LoveWay: September 2018

Color: Chestnut & White Paint

Donated by: Patti Miller

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
Brion Brady
Kim Huffman
Patti Miller


2005 Draft Cross Gelding

Joined LoveWay: November 2018

Color: Bay Roan

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
David & Karen Smith III
Mark & Shari Warlick
Matt Arnold Family


2008 Haflinger Mare

Joined LoveWay: February 2019

Color: Light Chestnut

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
Don Gunden
Northwest Interiors


2006 Morgan/Belgian Cross Mare

Joined LoveWay: March 2019

Color: Chestnut

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
George Linder
Lippert Components
Pat & April Carroll


2004 Percheron Mare

Joined LoveWay: July 2019

Color: Black

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
Hans & Tina Ashbaugh
Patrick Industries


2002 Draft Cross Mare

Joined LoveWay: October 2019

Color: Black

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
Jamie & Jaylynn Schnur
Robert Weed


2000 Draft Cross Gelding

Joined LoveWay: April 2020

Color: Black

Donated by: Culver Academy

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
Jason & Darla Lippert
Ron & Lisa Fenech Foundation


2010 Quarter Horse Gelding

Joined LoveWay: April 2020

Color: Bay

Leased by: Leonard Farmwald

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
Jeff & Melissa Rodino
Ross & Emily Hougland


2004 Pony Mare

Joined LoveWay: June 2020

Color: Chestnut & White Paint

Leased by: Lily Thomas

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
John & Connie Ries
Ryan & Ashley Smith


2004 Quarter Horse/Standardbred Cross Gelding

Joined LoveWay: August 2020

Color: Bay

Leased by: Daniel Whetstone

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
Jones Petrie Rafinski
Steve & Renee Hartman


2003 Appaloosa/Arabian Cross Mare

Joined LoveWay: August 2020

Color: Chestnut

Leased by: Beth Hochstetler

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
Horizon Transport


2016 Paint Gelding

Joined LoveWay: January 2021

Color: Paint

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
Community Foundation of Elkhart County
Mary Jo Sartorius
Misty Harbor


2003 Fjord Mare

Joined LoveWay: February 2021

Color: Dun

Sponsored at Derby Day 2021 by:
Kip & Angie Ellis
Todd & Melissa Cleveland

Do you know LoveWay’s next equine partner?

Do you know of a horse that would be a good fit for our herd? We are always seeking equine partners that are donated, leased or otherwise gifted to LoveWay.

Learn more about what we’re looking for in our herd below.

Age & Conformation

Age: 7+ years old

Gender: Geldings & mares accepted

Soundness & Conformation: Therapy horses work hard! They need to be reliably sound with no history of chronic illness or injury. They need a free-moving, rhythmic stride at the walk, trot, and canter. Movement is so important to our riders.

Personality & Temperament

Our ideal horses have a “take it all in stride” attitude.

They should be calm and quiet for grooming in cross-ties, tacking, mounting, and should be patient while they are working. We stop and stand frequently during class while riders complete activities or games. We also frequently conduct our lead-line classes with side-walkers on both sides of the horse to support the rider.

LoveWay’s ideal therapy horses should react positively to children and adults, women and men.

Therapy horses should be comfortable in a busy environment where they will interact with many people of all abilities, levels of horse experience, and levels of energy.


Successful LoveWay therapy horses come from all backgrounds!

Horses who have excelled in our programs have been 4-H mounts, lesson ponies, show horses, and more!

We have found that horses who have had a variety of experiences tend to be most comfortable in our busy barn.


The growth in our arena wouldn’t be possible without the compassionate connection that happens between horses and our riders.

Have a horse in mind?

Reach out to LoveWay’s equine director using the form below so we can learn more about whether the horse would be a good fit for our program. You can also download a copy of our equine application.

Interest Form