Wish List

As you can imagine, providing services for more than 300 individuals with special needs and 22 horses can get pretty expensive. The following list allows LoveWay supporters a chance to contribute to the center in a specific way that they know will be both used and appreciated.

If you would rather contribute towards the purchase of a specific item, simply specify where you would like your donation to go in your PayPal gift. As always, every little bit helps and we much appreciate your generosity!

0Big Ticket Items

  • Water Softener
  • 2 iPads 

Tack and Horse Supplies

  • Gently used saddles
  • 3-54 inch English girths
  • 2-52 inch English girths
  • 1-58 inch English girth
  • Reins (rainbow or black and white)
  • 5 rubber curry combs
  • 15 mane and tail brushes
  • 16 saddle racks that can be mounted on the wall
  • 2 side pulls
  • 24 Roma Black Stretch fly masks
  • Cross Ties

Office Supplies

  • Paper towels
  • 55 gallon trash bags
  • Electric pencil sharpener
  • Wet erase markers


  • 2 hand sanitizer stations (foaming)
  • Seventh Generation All Natural Disinfectant Wipes
  • Large cones for arena
  • “chalk” marking system
  • 2 Snow Shovels
  • 24″ Christmas Wreaths 
  • Vacuum